Modus Operandi - EP


In close relation to it's title "Modus Operandi" you can recognise Nørbak's typical sound. Nørbak, who started releasing music only little over a year ago, hasn't stopped since. Nørbak drops this EP on Eternal Friction Records, containing two originals and three remixes by no other artists than Stanislav Tolkachev, Svarog and Pursent. Modus Operandi I is a carefully assembled loop, topped off with hisses and rattles, which sounds simple but is actually executed very effectively. Modus Operandi II is in that exact same style, where every sound serves it's purpose. Svarog's remix making this EP nothing other than a perfect trip! All that, combined with the more aggressive remixes by Stanislav Tolkachev and Pursent, makes this release a truly versatile EP.


  • 01 - Modus Operandi II
  • 02 - Modus Operandi II (Svarog remix)
  • 03 - Modus Operandi I (Pursent Remix)
  • 04 - Modus Operandi I (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)
  • 05 - Modus Operandi I

launch date: 2019-03-08
serial number: EFR003