Claim A Wake - EP

Doug Cooney

We have the honour to welcome the Dublin based Doug Cooney. Doug Cooney drops his EP, Claim A Wake on Eternal Friction Records, containing three original tracks and a remix by no other artist than Jon Hester. The result is a powerful EP, that clearly demonstrates Doug’s unique and personal approach to contemporary techno. The balance between the rolling drums and the uplifting percussion are capable of bringing listeners into a certain state of mind. The warm and melodic synths fit perfectly into many layers of each track. Although these tracks are all fairly different from each other, they are all produced in the same effective and delicate style. They make for an interesting EP, reason enough to follow this promising artist every move from now on.


  • 01 - Awakening
  • 02 - Claim A Wake
  • 03 - Startle (Jon Hester)
  • 04 - Startle

launch date: 2019-06-14
serial number: EFR004